Taichi X Chihaya Haven

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To be honest, I don’t know why people are loosing their mind over Taichi kissing Chihaya.


Yes, yes, like what I’ve said before, stealing kisses is not exactly a nice thing to do but:


It’s not even a full kiss on the lips. Probably just a brush. And Taichi stopped himself, didn’t he?

So quit saying that he never really changed at all and stop acting like what he did was worthy of death penalty. Gods.

True!!!! >///< I’m kinda even disappointed that it’s not a full kiss! haha! Kidding aside, this chapter is too heavy especially for Taichi’s fans. Both Chihaya and Taichi needs a very big comforting hug. Both of them are actually hurting bad. They are still best of friends you know. ;A; (sniff)


Ao haru ride✨


Ao haru ride✨